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What is STAR Phonics

STAR Phonics is a phonics-based reading and whole language program developed in Singapore for beginning readers by linguist Ms. Chew Ping Lin, a former Ministry of Education (MOE) English Language Teacher together with guidance from then Assistant Professor Linda Gan in the Early Childhood and Special Needs Academic Group of the National Institute of Education (NIE).uses an advanced method of teaching with memory retention techniques to help children learn quickly and easily through multi-sensory stimulation and progressive memory retention via audio or musical playback to achieve reading competency with writing and creative expressions of the English language.Based on Multiple Intelligences, STAR Phonics lessons incorporate music with movement, tactile activities and arts and craft to broaden the child’s enjoyment in learning to read, write and listen with the English language.

What makes STAR Phonics so Good
  1. Learn Phonetical sounds of the English language, in a structured order that is natural for the early learners to follow. Most programmes follow the traditional sequence of “A, B, C, D…” however research indicates that a different sequence based on children’s natural ability to make sounds helps children to learn to speak and spell better
  2. Strong emphasis on blending and decoding, which helps the beginning
    readers with reading and spelling.
  3. Award-winning titles from well-known authors as learning extensions
  4. A multiple-intelligence (MIDAS) approach with specially curated activities to constantly engage beginning readers in the learning process. Research has shown that a multiple intelligence approach helps children to assimilate knowledge and skills better and also leads to better brain development.
  5. Constant Improvement with updated teaching aids and learning materials
    such as online apps.


Each lesson consists of four sections, namely

Phonics Time

Children are introduced to the letter sounds through music with movement.

Story Time

Reading is taught through reading authentic texts from award-winning book titles.

Reading Time

Develop the love for reading with con?dence through the child’s own readers.

Fun Time

Arts with craft and games to make learning fun and memorable.

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