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MIDAS An ONLINE Self-Assessment Tool on MI

Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS™)

The Multiple Intelligences Development Assessment Scales (MIDAS™) provides an efficient method for obtaining a rich and descriptive understanding of a person’s multiple intelligences profile. The MIDAS™ is a research-based self-report measure of intellectual disposition for people of all ages. The three page MIDAS™ Profile carefully describes a full range of skills, abilities and intellectual potential.

The MIDAS™ is significantly different from the brief MI checklists and so-called multiple intelligences tests available in books or on the web. The MIDAS™ was designed to meet the principles of sound assessment advocated by Howard Gardner. Dr Gardner discourages the use of “quick-and-dirty” MI tests that promote superficial labelling and a distorted understanding of MI theory. The MIDAS™ is a comprehensive profile that was constructed according to high quality test standards and has a proven history of both validity and classroom benefits.

Dr Bena Kallick

Prof Arthur Costa

Dr Branton Shearer

How is the MIDAS™ used?

Personal Use:

Individuals and parents may purchase MIDAS™ Profiles for personal use without additional education or training. Individual profiles, Teacher’s Package and the Preview Packages provide easy-to-follow self-completion instructions to ensure success and satisfaction.

Professional Use:

Teachers, counsellors, tutors, psychologists and other professionals who wish to use MIDAS professionally need to become familiar with proper MIDAS™ administration and interpretation guidelines and follow the principles of sound assessment practice. Please refer to MIDAS Administration Guidelines for details. Basic Certification is easily obtained through independent study while more advanced levels of Certification are required for ongoing Administration.

Why The MIDAS™? How Does The MIDAS Benefit?

  • Career
  • Maximising Motivation
  • Social
  • Life Skills : Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  • Selfawareness
  • Building Confidence & Character
  • Maximising Motivation
  • Career Planning
  • Learning Difficulties
  • At Risk / Under Achiever
  • Choosing Major of Studies
  • Gifted / Talented
  • Study Strategies
  • Self-directed
  • Leadership Programme
  • Parent-Teacher Dialogue
  • Counselling Tool
  • Inter Disciplinary Project
Above 20 yrs Adults
15 to 19 yrs Teens
9 to 14 yrs Kids
4 to 8 yrs Young Child

Our Online Profiling Tools


The Habits of Mind Assessment Scales provides a snapshot of a person’s 16 Habits of Mind. This profile will help students and teachers in the following ways;

  • Assess the impact of intervention programmes on Habits Of Mind
  • Highlight specific Habits of Mind that might need attention
  • Provide a holistic view of a person’s thinking and behavioural tendencies

Course : Columbus Know your direction in life

Target: Primary and Secondary Students


Columbus is an enrichment course that frees teenagers to discover their talents and passion, and in the process, lets them set a direction for their lives. With a direction, they will find meaningful goals.
Columbus is created by two leading training and education companies.NEWS Coaching and Training, established in Lausanne, Switzerland, works with executives and leaders of major corporations to sharpen their individual and corporate directions. The NEWS model has been adopted in more than 30countries across 5 continents and by more than 2,500 organisations, including several ‘Fortune 100’ companies.

Columbus uses the multiple-intelligences tool in combination with the NEWS model to offer a powerful, yet fun course for teenagers.

Students will :

  • Learn about their strengths and weaknesses with the established MIDAS™ Profile Tool
  • Discover their passion through games, activities and questions with the highly-acclaimed NEWS system
  • Learn how to overcome life challenges
  • Understand their personal values and how it impacts the way they plan their lives
  • Plan their time and set short and long-term goals
  • Chart their direction in life

The course is conducted on a ‘medieval sailing’ theme and offers fun activities, games, as well as serious moments of

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