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This series of comics is based on the popular Science Adventures comics magazines produced by English Corner Publishing. Now, collated by themes and selecting only the best of what the magazines have to offer, the World of Science Comics series will engage and entertain children (7-12 years old), educating them on scientific facts and growing their love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) themes through full-colour comics designed especially for them. All topics covered are in line with the Singapore Science syllabus for primary school, the Cambridge syllabus used in the Asia-Pacific region, and also contain beyond-the-syllabus facts, insights, and knowledge that are designed to stretch the readers’ minds!

Adventures with Aquatic Creatures

Covering more than seven-tenths of Earth’s surface, the planet’s freshwater bodies and oceans together host a diversity of aquatic life. What kind of stars inhabit the seas? What makes whales lose their way? Get ready to meet an ocean “unicorn”, swim with dugongs and investigate some of the weirdest looking residents of the deep. From the serpent-like oarfish to the giant Pacific octopus, here is our sampling of creatures that captivate scientists and storytellers alike!

Adventures with Birds

Birds come in a dazzling array of sizes, shapes and colours, with abilities and behaviour worth making a song and dance about! Do you know how hornbills make a home? Or why sparrows hop? Get ready to admire the peacock’s stunning plumage, glide with the wandering albatross and dive with penguins! From the everyday to the exotic, here are just some awesome representatives from this animal group that comprises more than 10,000 species worldwide.

Adventures with Insects

Often overlooked or trampled underfoot as pests, insects in fact dominate the animal kingdom by sheer number — more than half of all animal species on the planet are insect species. Do you know which insect babies look nothing like their parents? Or why ants cultivate special relationships with aphids and treehoppers? Get ready for the buzz about bees and marvel at master aviator the monarch butterfly. From the creepy cockroach to the fascinating orchid mantis, our insect representatives will wow you with their winged or leggy exploits!

Adventures in the Human Body

How do our bodies make sense of the world through the senses of sight, smell, taste and touch? Why do we have bones? What is the importance of eating well? From the secrets of the largest organ our skin, to the good and the bad about cholesterol, to what can go wrong with the tiny appendix, get ready for a journey of discovery into one of the most mysterious and fascinating realms known to science!

Adventures with Plants

Our close relationship with plants goes back hundreds of thousands of years – plants give us food, in addition to countless materials useful for building, decorating, curing illnesses and keeping us clothed and protected. Which plants have tasty, edible leaves? Why do some plants adopt “disguises”? And which ones set “traps” for tiny animals? From the “bearded” banyan to the African baobab, get ready to branch out into our eye-opening world of plants!

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