Think+ Science 12 years old onwards


For Age 12 years onwards

Think+ Science and Think+ Perspectives are the world’s only official magazines of the Institute for the Habits of Mind (IHOM).

They also make a deep dive into The Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck’s paradigm for learning, growth and change.

These probably make Think+ Science and Think+ Perspectives the only magazines in the world that instruct students on both Habits of Mind and The Growth Mindset, two powerful paradigms of learning.

They are published by Nurture Craft, Singapore, a company that has been distributing and publishing quality magazines for more than 18 years.

Both magazines are chock full of articles and activities developed to promote critical thinking; provide both evergreen content and current issues; come with lots of stunning images, infographics and illustrations; and feature writers from all over the world.

Think+ Science is a 32-page Science and Technology magazine for secondary-school students that:

  • Is supported by Professor Arthur Costa’s Institute for the Habits of Mind
  • Feature regular columns on scientific heroes, technology, and valuable insights on life
  • Is in line with the Singapore secondary-science curriculum

About Shipping:

  1. All of our children’s magazine subscriptions qualify for free shipping when being sent to a Singapore address. (Non-Singapore address, please refer to the postage chart using normal mail.)
  2. We deliver every end of the month, except in January & July.
  3. Your first issue will arrive in 2-4 weeks.
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