Rainbow Peg Play™ Activity Set


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Practice colors, numbers shapes and hand-eye coordination. Oversized hexagon-shaped pegs are easy to grasp. Double sided tactile mat is printed on one side to help practice numbers and shapes. Children can also lace the pegs to practice a different way of patterning and creating shapes. 


     • 30 Pegs – 6 colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple) 
     • 2 – 36” laces
     • Reversible mat
     • Activity guide

Common Core State Standards Alignment: Counting & Cardinality, Measurement & Data

Learning Style: Tactile, Visual

Skill Development: 

Basic Concepts- Colors, numbers, and shapes help with pattern play. Students can practice color recognition, counting, and beginning math skills through grouping and sorting the pegs by quantity or color. Challenge students to make patterns like green-purple-green-purple. 

Fine Motor- Students can practice hand-eye coordination when stacking or unstacking the pegs in the mat. 

Fine Motor- Pincer grasp and functional finger movements used for lacing helps strengthen the muscles in the hand needed to write and perform daily living skills, like getting dressed and brushing teeth. Lacing will also engage the student in cooperative hand movements by holding the mat in one hand and lacing the string with the other

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Mat measures 8.75” square

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