9 to 14 years old


In this day and age, information is everywhere and it’s getting harder to identify accurate, credible news sources (current affairs) from fake news. Parents have to spend a great deal of time shielding their children from absorbing the ‘wrong’ types of media.

News Bites is a current affairs newspaper that is written in a language suitable for young people to understand and in a manner they can easily relate to. 

It seeks to:

  • Encourage young people to read for a purpose – providing opportunities for them to engage with the world around them in a safe and secure manner – through reporting of trustworthy (and agenda-free) news
  • Develop a love of ‘reading for pleasure’
  • Nurture a love of current affairs, history & geography through interesting and informative articles
  • Promote and inspire a feeling of pride in themselves by highlighting positive news and focusing on positive role-models.
  • Provide a safe medium for children to access information



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