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Discovery BOX Special Issues

Discovery BOX Special Issues

1. One issue is about Our Planet Earthwith different experiments to try at home and a quiz (What place does Earth hold in our galaxy? What is our planet made of? How are volcanoes formed? What triggers earthquakes? Why does our climate change?).

2. Space Exploration. The topics covered are the following: Who was Galileo? Will we go back to the Moon? Will we live on Mars one day? Do aliens exist? With cartoons, summary points to remember the important facts and a quiz.

3. Wonders of the Human Body. The topics covered are the following: Find out  how teeth grow? What is the smallest bone in your body? What are identical twins?How do your eyes work? What is sleepwalking? 

4. Inventions that changed the World.  From axes that were invented over 3 million years ago to computers that we cannot love without now, our lives are heavily influenced by different inventions. How did people complete such feats?

5The other issue is about The Great Explorers. This special edition highlights some monumental moments in human history. Through the adventures of Marco Polo, the discoveries of Jacques Cartier, the first landing on the moon by Yuri Gagarin, and much more. 


PRICE  Amazing Planet Earth - $15.00
  Space Exploration - $15.00
  Wonders of the Human Body - $15.00
  Inventions that changed the world - $15.00
  The Great Explorers - $15.00
  Bundle of 5 - $59.00
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