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What Our Client Says

I love these magazines. They are a wonderful source of information. I got them for my 11 year old who does not care much about reading. She loves them and that says a lot about these magazines. The topics are diverse and very well put together. I wish I had starting subscribing to them earlier.

Jane Wong

My four year old loves Ladybug magazine. He always looks forward to the comics and enjoys the stories. It is a great blend of poems and stories, comics and crafts as well as the occasional non-fiction piece. He also loves Click (especially Click and Jane) and we both learn a lot as I read it to him. We read both of these magazines over and over.


We subscribe to almost every title that Cricket Media produces. I find all of their magazines to be outstanding. My kids read them with great interest and repeatedly. I am very happy to have subscribe. I am very happy to have received the suggestion from a friend to subscribe. I am very picky about what our kids are exposed to, and I am 100% confident and comfortable with Cricket Media’s products. They are WELL worth it.


I use my Cricket magazine as supplemental reading material for my upper elementary classes. I’m working outside of North America as a teacher and it’s really hard to find level appropriate stories that capture my students’ imagination. They especially enjoy the poetry selections in each issue.


My 7 year old grows with cricket magazines, from babying to click, then ask and spider. Ask is his favourite magazine. He reads past issues over and over again.


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