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Update on Delivery Schedule

Dear Valued Customers,

We are writing to provide you with an update on the delivery situation for our publications.

Due to Covid-19, international movement of people and goods have been severely impacted as countries implemented additional border controls and restrictions. Locally, our partners are also struggling with shortages of materials and personnel (due to quarantines). 

As a result of this unforeseen situation, there is a delay in deliveries during this period, until our partners get back to their normal working capacity.

We will be observing the situation closely and will strive to deliver the magazines with as little delay as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience this issue may cause and seek your support for our partners as they undergo through a very tough and difficult time.

Thank you for your understanding. Do contact us at or 9005 9644 if you need further clarifications.

What Our Client Says

We subscribe to almost every title that Cricket Media produces. I find all of their magazines to be outstanding. My kids read them with great interest and repeatedly. I am very happy to have subscribe. I am very happy to have received the suggestion from a friend to subscribe. I am very picky about what our kids are exposed to, and I am 100% confident and comfortable with Cricket Media’s products. They are WELL worth it.


I use my Cricket magazine as supplemental reading material for my upper elementary classes. I’m working outside of North America as a teacher and it’s really hard to find level appropriate stories that capture my students’ imagination. They especially enjoy the poetry selections in each issue.


My 7 year old grows with cricket magazines, from babying to click, then ask and spider. Ask is his favourite magazine. He reads past issues over and over again.


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